New to Level 50

Last Updated: August 2023

Congratulations, you hit level 50! Welcome to the beginning of the endgame. You've leveled up and filled out your skill tree and now the training wheels are going to start to come off if they haven't already for you.

What's New?

What should you do first?

There are also two ground ones, which we only recommend one; Large Kit Overbooster from Kits and Modules.

Refinement Surplus - 500 Dilithium
Intermix Chamber Salvage - 500 Dilithium

Rogue Dilithium Asteroid - 500 Dilithium 

Dilithium Dust Synthesis - 500 Dilithium 

Lucky Vein - 1,000 Dilithium 

Lucrative Mining Contract - 2,000 Dilithium

Things to Avoid

Categorically, do not do these things if you want to harbor your resources and enjoy the early endgame (midgame?) experience.