Science Mage


Build Overview and Focus

This character has taken a number of different turns on his ground build evolution, mostly starting from a kit-based mage perspective and eventually settling on a mix of temporal and cold-based build. Having both is a nod to some heavy infantry units from the Command & Conquer series, because just cold was not working out. However, around the time I began fleshing out his build and doing ground research, I realized that there was room for two unique support builds and one of them would need a science captain. Since he's my only science captain at present, he got the nod for an alternate support loadout.

I fully acknowledge that this (nor any of my ground builds, really) are not the optimal choices. As a theme, "cold" is okay. It's not as good as lightning, but it's certainly usable. It got better once I added a temporal-themed module or two. I'm still hitting around top 100 in BHE, but I'll provide some recommendations about what's more optimal.

Character Info

Yet another human character with a 2409 start. Since he flies more Temporal ships, my headcanon is that he leans more into the Temporal agent side of things, but that won't really come into play on this build.

Thematic Choices

Meta Analysis

Budget Analysis

There's nothing particularly difficult to acquire that's essential

Change History

Build Breakdown

Heavy focus on kit-based abilities. Weapon damage is fairly low, has some thematic considerations and an ally-heal. 


Skill Unlocks


The meta skill layout would be to skip Shield Capacity, Endurance, and Armor in favor of Improved Weapon Damage, Weapon Criticals, and Weapon Penetration. I just think ground on higher difficulties requires a bit more survivability than that and haven't felt the need to change it. 


Personal Equipment


Kit Modules


If you want to do that on every character, be my guest. 

Set Bonuses

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:


Personal Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:

Reputation Traits

Active Reputation

Duty Officers

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Probably using all 6 doffs for ground would be a start, but I'm not doing that. 

Budget Tweaks:

 If low budget


Ground Stats

Parse Breakdown

Numbers from record Bug Hunt Elite (BHE). 

The Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare misfired this fun, can usually expect about 100 DPS from it.