Builds By Jay

U.S.S. Bedivere - Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser

Heavy Tank

A High Performance Tank, capable of HSE main tanking with %90 Atks In and delivering upwards of 400k DPS. Acting as the capital ship of Jayiie's Fleet, the current revision lives on a fine line between durability and damage output, albeit at high cost of entry.

Updated: 2023 - 12

I.S.S. Wolfram - Sirius Command Dreadnaught Cruiser

Heavy tank

Old tech, new ship, it eats damage for breakfast and comes back for seconds. A mid way point between the damage aspect of the Bedivere and the support version in the d'Alembert.

Released 2023 - 12

I.S.S. Bedivere - Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser

DEW - Cannon Scatter Volley

Two for one! This features a very potent foray into Unconventional Systems and using controls to reduce the cooldowns of very potent (and expensive) consoles. Alternative build includes a more traditional arrangement which offers similar performance but reduced flexibility and total potential.

Updated: 2023 - 02

U.S.S. Carmarthen - Inquiry Battlecruiser

DEW - Cannon Scatter Volley

Possible only with a reader donation; Thank you!

Currently the highest parsing energy ship on my account; It's a better Lexington or the Lexington is a worse Inquiry...depends on how you look at them. Like everything here, expensive and brutal in its execution.

Updated 2023 - 07

U.S.S. Von Neumann - Fleet Sabre Miracle Worker Escort

DEW - Cannon Scatter Volley

Large DPS, Small Packages. The Saber is the first Miracle Worker tactical ship released to the C-store; and within my fleet has affectionately been named Horseshoe Crab. An incredibly simple build that has developed into an incredible DPS machine.

Updated 2023 - 12

Mists of Avalon - Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought


Turning this into the superweapon it is; my dream ship as we call it has gotten an overhaul and is now one of my top DPS performers...fitting for something that deletes things from existence. 

Updated 2023 - 12

U.S.S. Viviane - Verne Temporal Science Vessel


The Meta Exotic Ship - now on STObetter!

Released 2024 - 04

U.S.S. Myrddin Emrys - Chekov Intel Science Warship

DEWSci / Surgical Strikes

I am an amalgam. I will always be something glued together, something slightly broken. It is not something I might recover from but something

Released 2024 - 04

U.S.S. Penumbra - Fleet Equinox Scout Ship

DEW - Cannon Scatter Volley & Exotic

Exotic and Phasers wrapped up in a pilot platform. The Equinox's versatility on full display with energy weapons and exotics blended together.

Updated 2023 - 12

U.S.S. Convenance Heart - Fleet Scryer

DEWSci / Surgical Strikes

Talk about meta-defining all you want, this build is meta-defying

Updated 2023 - 11

U.S.S. Frontenac - Legendary Temporal Operative Science Vessel


Support time! Delving into the world of putting as much damage resistance debuffs to as many things as possible...WITH SCIENCE!

Released 2023 - 12

U.S.S. d'Alembert - Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser

Support Tank

Built on the same platform as the Bedivere, this builds on the lessons learned building the Frontenac to create a versatile tank platform aimed at providing energy weapon support. 

Updated 2023 - 12

K.C.S. Parallel Lines - Fleet Theseus Temporal Escort

DEW - Cannon Rapid Fire

Experimenting with single target damage and the revision of recursive shearing. Focusing on single target

Updated 2022 - 12

V.S.S. Solemn Penance - Sh'vhal Spearhead

Kinetic - Mixed

The monkey's paw curls; the die cast, fates sealed. Jay breaks 1 mil DPS, but does so with torps...

Released 2023 - 03

U.S.S. Caliburn - Hydra Intel Destroyer

Surgical Strikes

Releasing the Hydra never had so much deeps.

Updated 2023 - 12

U.S.S. Rhongomiant - Legendary Kelvin Intel Cruiser

DEW - Surgical Strikes

Surgical Strikes III madness! All the crits, all the time! Built on the Legendary Kelvin Timeline Intel Battlecruiser from the 10th Anniversary Bundle, this explores the intel revamp in early 2022.

Updated 2023 - 02

U.S.S. Lancelot - Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser

DEW - Surgical Strikes

I have a love-hate relationship with this ship...and whatever you do don't put a kinetic cutting beam on this thing!

Released 2023 - 08

U.S.S. Indebted Sacrosanct - Crossfield Spearhead Refit

DEW - Exceed Rated Limits

An exploration into the miracle worker firing mode Exceed Rated limits on an unconventional platform.

Released 2023 - 02

R.R.W. Durendal - Khaiel Class Engineering Pilot Warbird

DEW - Reroute Reserves To Weapons

A point of infinite density, a singularity builds, and the ship shudders and nearly flies itself apart, yet still the commander insists on more power to weapons.

Updated 2023 - 12

U.S.S. Rtas 'Vadum - Friendship Command FDC


Broadside! What fools to face our guns!

Released 2023 - 12

U.S.S. Thule - Fleet Arbiter Battlecrusier


A long lived Community Staple suggestion for those looking into minimal C-store purchases and low build investment.

Released 2024 - 01

I.K.S. Aiden - Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Retrofit


Putting the Budget back into Budget Builds

Released 2024 - 01

U.S.S. Proxima - Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit


A call back to an old friend of mine who once upon a time also made a very economic build on this same platform.

Released 2024 - 01