Tactical Mage


Build Overview and Focus

In space, this character is my projectile specialist, flying a variety of torpedo boats, a minelayer, and a support aimed at boosting such ships. On ground, since he's supposed to be a Kraylor, I had him with a hodgepodge of healing equipment and the Delta Rifle, which was pretty middling. Remember that our ground builds are not ruthlessly optimized nor are we heavily involved in the ground meta. There will be plenty of choices called out as thematic-and-fun over optimal DPS choices. 

Anyway, with the introduction of the Kuumarke Visionary Set, I had a different idea. Why not build him around lightning? There were enough kit modules and things to build around that I could at least fit 5 out of 6 kit modules around it and see what it did. We have purple lightning, orange lightning, and two types of blue lightning. The results are . . . shocking. Okay, that was bad. On to the build!

Character Info

While in-game an alien, I head-canon this character to be of the Delta Quadrant Kraylor species who in their one appearance in canon specialize in cloaking and medical technology. There are thus some thematic choices around those...along with lightning. 

Thematic Choices

Meta Analysis

Budget Analysis

The only tricky things to acquire are the Kuumarke Visionary Set and Sompek Lightning if you don't have them already. The latter is easily replaced. 

Change History

Build Breakdown

Heavy focus on kit-based abilities. Weapon damage is fairly low, has some thematic considerations and an ally-heal. 


Skill Unlocks


The meta skill layout would be to skip Shield Capacity, Endurance, and Armor in favor of Improved Weapon Damage, Weapon Criticals, and Weapon Penetration. I just think ground on higher difficulties requires a bit more survivability than that and haven't felt the need to change it. 


Personal Equipment


Kit Modules


If you want to do that on every character, be my guest. 

Set Bonuses


I never claimed this was optimal. It's fun and still effective. 

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:


Personal Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:

Reputation Traits

Active Reputation

Duty Officers

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Probably using all 6 doffs for ground would be a start, but I'm not doing that. 

Budget Tweaks:

 If low budget


Ground Stats

Parse Breakdown

Numbers from record Bug Hunt Elite (BHE). 

I didn't swap to use the Delta Rifle on exposed targets in this run.