Tactical Support


Build Overview and Focus

This character started as a joke to win a contest, then ended up being my Delta Recruit, and then evolved into something else. Since he's a Ferengi, I wanted him to be kind of a middle-manager and use lots of team-amplifying effects. Once I started tightening up my ground builds, he ended turning into a supportive build that's been used to help out a number of players on their ground builds on Bug Hunt. He's still satisfactorily capable on Advanced, but I wouldn't necessarily trust him on Elite for DPS. He's good at his "job," and as a Ferengi, it's not necessarily direct combat, but rather motivating synergies. 

We've been pairing this support with a science character also running support and had good success with it. This character is what we are calling a "red support" due to the use of the tactical career and kit abilities, whereas the other is our "blue support." This build is inspired by what Megladonius of SRS fleet has used in a number of channel runs on Bug Hunt.

Character Info and Thematic Choices

He's a Ferengi, he's a businessman, he's all about being a manager and helping his team rather than getting his hands dirty. Sure, he carries a weapon but that's not his chief contribution. 

Meta Analysis

Budget Analysis

If the cost seems expensive, don't worry. Lower-budget alternatives are provided below

Change History

Build Breakdown

Heavy focus on support; he focuses hard on that, but is still functional enough to do Normal or maybe Advanced-level content. This guy also has some theme concepts.


Skill Unlocks


The meta skill layout would be to skip Shield Capacity, Endurance, and Armor in favor of Improved Weapon Damage, Weapon Criticals, and Weapon Penetration. I just think ground on higher difficulties requires a bit more survivability than that and haven't felt the need to change it. 


Personal Equipment


The optimal setup would likely be to swap weapons to pick up another 2-piece that boosts Kit Performance. You could also run Omega Force 3-piece (Shield/Armor/Weapon), which does stack. Alternately, the Iconian 3-piece (Shield/Armor/Weapon) is an option.

The dinosaur doesn't matter at all. Replace it with whatever's convenient. There are some teamwide Health and Weapon batteries if you want to get really fancy but they cost dil.

Rainbow or IDIC Tribble is probably better than Solanae since it's teamwide.

Kit Modules


Set Bonuses


Gamma 3-piece is not worth slotting. 

One last note: You could make an argument for Intelligence primary, taking Temporal Secondary. I am not sure which is better.


Personal Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:

Reputation Traits

Active Reputation

Duty Officers

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:

 If low budget


Ground Stats

Parse Breakdown

This particular BHE I supported an ally up to 1.83K DPS; selfish DPS was 308

If you want to reduce your DPS, don't use the combat pets; that'll take off about 100 DPS. If you want more DPS, use your Security Escorts better and the Lukari Piezo-Electric Snare.