Our Mission

Our Mission

This site exists to help you build and fly ships and ground missions in Star Trek Online better through a variety of resources. We're a group of veteran players who don't have all the bells and whistles but we do know how the game works and how to succeed on a variety of maps at the highest of difficulties. We provide analyses based on solid understanding of the game's mechanics, numerical analysis, and practical experience. Our tools are built to help answer detailed questions and evaluate performance when selecting traits, gear, and starships. Lastly, our builds are examples we've made that are capable of tackling any map in the game on Elite while contributing strongly to team performance and still having some individual flavor. We're not here to push a metagame on you or to claim these are the most optimized builds in the game (that would be expensive and scenario-specific), but our builds, tools, and guides are here to help you elevate your builds and simply put, STO BETTER!

Our People

We're three engineers with a passion for STO and math. 

Jayiie (@alcaatraz) has been playing Star Trek Online since at least 2015 and has been heavily involved in reverse-engineering the systems and mechanics of STO for nearly that long. He's spent countless hours to help people understand how the game works, primarily on the STObuilds subreddit. His contributions include the original derivations of the shield formulas, exotic damage, power drains, speed/turn, and well...honestly, it would be easier to list out the game mechanics for space combat that Jay wasn't involved in deriving. His DPS max is with energy but his main love is tanking for the entire team while being well-nigh invulnerable in his flagship, the Bedivere, and he promises that DEW-Sci is just a side hobby. Jay is the technical wizard responsible for most of the infrastructure underpinning this site. 

Tilor (@Tilor) has been playing Star Trek Online since at least 2016 and started his explorations into STO mechanics with hull healing, regeneration, and weapon power mechanics. Since then, he's been crucial to building a variety of tools featured on this website, using his knowledge of Excel/Sheets to make a variety of calculations accessible to the community whether it's any kind of damage calculation, hull healing and regeneration, or bridge officer cooldowns. Tilor has been active on the STO builds subreddit, contributing his knowledge and analysis across myriad topics. You can find Tilor most frequently piloting an alien ship of some kind, including his Tholian Iktomi exotic superweapon. If he is flying a Starfleet ship, he's likely exercising his other passion in the game: tanking. His Dragonscale has been carefully crafted to attract and withstand incoming fire from an entire fleet of whoever needs blasting that day.

Eph289 has been playing Star Trek Online since early 2016 and quickly became involved in trying to figure out how the game worked. He started with cooldown mechanics and progressed to pretty much everything else. In terms of collaboration, he's most often the guy that gets the ball rolling and keeps the project moving while Tilor and Jay figure out how to make it work. As the designated write-up person, he also puts his technical writer hat on to report on the results and collude all the aggregate information in a form people can digest and his reluctantly-worn and ill-fitting public relations hat to help promote the site and handle communications. He has a serious aversion to strictly following the meta and almost compulsively has to put at least a small twist on what's popular or "best." He flies a variety of ships but his favorites are the Dranuur Scout Ship exotic build--on an engineer, of course--and his Fire-at-Will Inquiry. He has an interest in ground content as well, but he promises it's not contagious.

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