U.S.S. Myrddin Emrys

Chekov Intel Science Warship

Released: 2024 - 11

Build Overview and Focus

For a long time I've wanted to play around with a surgical strikes build that has access to temporal seating. Unfortunately until this ships release only a single ship was capable, the Legendary Ambassador; locked behind the 11th Anniversary Bundle. Beyond the fact the ship is locked behind the bundle, it has some issues layout wise. That being the lieutenant commander temporal seat is shared with the only Lt.C Tactical capable seat, which means you lack the rank 3 distributed target or kemocite, and leaves you with 4 (potential 3 if you can fit in another temporal power). While not a huge issue, the bigger issue is that the ship cannot slot dual cannons.

The Chekov fixes upon these issues and more by rolling the platform into an exotic ship, wherein I get to pursue my favorite pastime, turning perfectly good exotic platforms into DEWSci ships and smacking things around.

Build Purpose and Scope

Built from the foundations of the Scryer, this has some similar design philosophies and essentially built on a far improved foundation. Additionally, this ship dabbles in a non-phaser damage type! I know, how not-me.

Instead this is built using plasma. Using the event campaign from last year for lobi I'm finally part of the club of people who use the Altamid set. The only set-omni resides here and also provides a passive +1% critical chance. The 3pc however is where the power resides as a 100% firing cycle haste for 12s (once ever 120s). This is great to couple Surgical Strikes with a recursive shearing or agony redistributor for maximum single target damage.

Another interesting item is the Isolytic Plasma Dual Beam bank, which grants it's own critical hits armour penetration (effectively ~ -32 DRR to targets hit with this weapon). Essentially the layout on this is nearly the same as the Scimitar Surgical Strikes build by EPH, however since this is built on a Chekov it also has access to exotic tools via the secondary deflector. This pairs nicely with the Lukari Armaments set for extra plasma damage, access to technical overload (active during Surgical strikes), and the set for some added drain and plasma damage. This added plasma damage from the set does feed into the Plasma Storm Module for a bit of extra plasma damage

With T6x2 granting two universal consoles this means that you can effectively slot 4 Isomagnetic consoles, which is potentially debatable, but because this is a science ship slotting the Fek'ihri Torment Engine is definitely worthwhile, therefore the added 4 Isomags vs 5 Exploiters came down to the choice of consoles, and I settled on 4 Plasma Isomags. This gives me an additional console slot for the same opportunity cost. Since this ship is also predominately energy based buffing up the energy is more impactful.


Another name for Myrddin the Wild, where many stories have them going mad or crazed.

Meta Analysis

Build Breakdown

As mentioned Prior, Teryh has evolved into my main DEW DPS Captain, regularly being able to top 350k in competent teams of HSE. 

She gets full points  for energy weapons, with picks like the Competitive engines and EPtE + ECH offering a plethora of maneuverability. The addition of Projectile focus is for the include of the Dark Matter Quantum Torp over the DBB Rep equivalent, with a minimal focus on survivability to help shirk the threat this ultimately can draw without a tank. 


Skill Unlocks


Jayiie's Skill tree has been optimized to be used on as many build types as possible. As such there are some questions that naturally arise when talking about it. I will try to capture these discussions as succinctly as possible here.

Tactical ultimate and Exotic Builds

The tactical ultimate does basically nothing for the majority of the damage on this build. However this is a skill tree that is still designed to run things like the Inquiry and Verity, so I do still have this. A more optimized tree would look something like EPHs tree he uses on exotics. The core skill selections are still there.

Hull Restoration vs Hull Capacity

This is very simple, while also not. Given the choice between a Improved Hull Capacity (+25.5%) and Hull restoration (+25%) against Advanced Hull capacity (+30%), I personally prefer to take the former, splitting the point difference. Since my character is an engineer, this 25% Hull restoration actually has some very useful applications through Miraculous repairs.

As well by taking some extra points into engineering, this has allowed me to take the 10th Engineering Unlock skill which adds +10 Hull Capacity, which is comparable to the +15 taken from the last point of Hull restoration. Due to how the skill works this is a +3.3% Max Hull vs 4.95% Max Hull buff respectively.

EPG vs Control Amplification, DrainX and CtrlX

This time around I've opted to put more points into CtrlX and EPG while taking Control Amplification, and instead dropping points from DrainX. If this wasn't on an engineering captain I wouldn't consider this a loss. However both Nadion Inversion and Intrusive Energy Redirection both scale with DrainX and are innate captain abilities, thus wanting for the skill.

Aux Power

Optimizing to hit 130 Aux power has been challenging. To do this I required Defensive Subsystem turning for the +4.8 Power to Aux. Combining this with the passive on most science ships as well as the Neutronic Eddies has allowed 130 to be hit passively. This has then allowed me to drop EPS Manifold Efficiency freeing up a 10th starship trait. On other builds this has the effect of allowing more aux power for more damage / better scaling on various powers.

Shield Regeneration

This is still a tank first skill tree. Shield regeneration is statically anomaly and adds a huge amount to shield regen in just the first point (more Information on shields can be found here). As such, I have taken the single point. with the most recent tree revision I've opted to spec out of DrainX and Drain Infection for that last point in EPG. Should you want to not take shield regeneration I would suggest the next DrainX point.


Starship Weapons


The lobi items here are just nice to haves. Replacing with whatever you have access too will be fine enough for the purpose of budgetary savings

Starship Equipment

With the Imerial Rift being locked to mudds, if you don't have it try the temporal set for the hazard damage

Starship Consoles

Set Bonuses

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

There might be something like the bio-electric wave but this is about as far as you can go down the metaphirocal rabbit hole before you run out of BIS items

Budget Tweaks:

With 2 ship found lockbox consoles, 4 lobi consoles/weapons, this gets expensive fast. Research Lab dual stat consoles, salvaged consoles like the Delphic Tear Generator,  Micro Dark Matter Anomaly, and Hull Image Refractors should be the focus on making this build more in line with a smaller budget

Additioanlly, since this uses both the Chekov and Atlantis, the two consoles from these ships can also be used to replace some lobi/lockbox consoles.

Bridge Officers


Nothing really special here. I've taken Tyken's over gravity well to try and squeeze some more damage from it, but really either one works here. Worth noting here that Causal Reversion is both for the added +100% haste for 5s with temporal tunneling and a movement tool, so make sure you for optimization you get tunneling from something else before you use causal or change the sequence around if you intend on using causal for its movement tech.


Personal Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

EPS Manifold Efficiency is an engineering only trait and is needed for getting to 100+ aux power. For tactical captains A Good Day to Die is the  durability for Engineering Captains. Science captains have no direct path of upgrade innately, therefore I would suggest something like Pseudo-Submission, or anything else of your choice. Momentum is just the better version of Deft Cannoneer but making the change lowers the lockbox traits needed.

Budget Tweaks:

For budget players who want to save some EC, there's a few standard traits that could be used:

If your after more damage instead of durability:

Starship Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

SS and Exotics are by no means intereconnected. Exotics have more in common with the normal tactical modes than it does SS. This build defies the meta.

Budget Tweaks:

Reputation Traits

Active Reputation

Duty Officers

Budget Tweaks:


Ship Stats


As an player who's been doing this for some time, I have very few keybinds as I use most of my powers manually. As such I have only 1 "spam" button, which consists of the offensive rotation.

Since this is partially an exotic build it would make sense to also show my tray. Similar approach to the Annorax. Top and Bottom Rows being where exotics and other boff powers go with Console abilities making their way into the second row along with captain powers and other ship inherited powers spread around.

Parse Breakdown

ISE Record Damage Breakdown


Once again, this being the only ship with a secondary deflector, Lt.C Temporal and Full Intel seating means this is the only ship to have this combination of things. However in terms of science ships with a command intel seat, there are only a few:

And of course, the Scryer which was the first of these types of Surgical Strikes Science Ships I made. Moving beyond science ships means you would want to instead tailor the build such as the Hydra, the Vengence, or the Scimitar.