Welcome to our build section! We have a wide variety of builds across any number of classes, build types, and budgets. Each of our authors has contributed their best builds in their own unique style! Our builds are established, tested, and proven to be Elite-capable across a variety of build archetypes. The table below is sortable and searchable for fields like class, DPS, author, and build type to assist with navigation.

Additionally, we have other areas worth exploring, which details the basics of ship building, ship build types, and even ground builds!

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Quick Build Glossary

You can find a full definition on our build types page. 

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Detailed Build Table

This table reflects scores on the Infected: Space Elite (ISE) or Hive Onslaught Elite (HSE) maps for the following performance metrics:

You can find more detailed performance metrics on the individual build pages, including on other maps.