Building 101: New and F2P


Some of the most common questions we see from players fall into these three categories:

This resource serves to attempt to address all of these topics. There are three main types of builds: energy, exotic, and projectile (though many blur the lines between them). We'll cover each in turn, starting with energy as it's the most popular (if not necessarily the most powerful). Each post will make some basic recommendations and major heavily on easy-to-acquire, practical recommendations mostly geared towards new/free-to-play players that will require some grinding but not multiple millions of energy credits or Zen / Lobi purchases or gamble boxes. In other words, these aren't builds that can be assembled readily at level 50, but most of the build can and the rest can be progressed through playing Advanced TFOs to finish out reputations and fleet unlocks to make viable endgame builds. With some upgrading and maybe a C-store ship purchase, they could also fly Elite successfully. These posts will make some nods to expensive high-value items as potentially future considerations but they're not essential. We're going to go heavy on practical and light on theory. Building on the energy basics for players that want to learn how to tank, we've written a guide to tanking that will help players attract and absorb damage for their team starting on Advanced difficulty and progressing into Elite, where tanking really shines. For advanced game mechanics, check out How Starships Work in STO.

Maybe you're lost in the myriad acronyms used by veterans commonly (even us!) and the terminology is simply too much. We've assembled an acronym list to help decipher some of the most common abbreviations. 

We'll link to some other people's works in each section, but a preemptive shout-out is merited to Thisvideoiswrong (Exotics and Hangars), Spencer/CasualSAB (Projectiles), and Renze (Projectiles) for their own contributions and compilations into foundational shipbuilding. As you get started with shipbuilding, don't forget the ten fundamental guidelines of PvE shipbuilding that you can certainly break once you know what you're doing but are solid and safe for starters: