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Welcome to Star Trek Online Build Evolution Tracker and Technical Education Resource (STO BETTER)! Whether you're here for a bevy of tools to analyze your options for making your own build or to check out the ones we've assembled, this site exists as a resource for all who wish to learn how to play STO better!

We have a number of guides ranging from basic building for endgame/F2P players to more advanced guides and mechanics as well as a tier lists for pricier purchases and detailed tools to help you analyze and improve your builds. We've found they can answer a wide variety of questions, including many of those around DPS and cooldowns. To use a tool, open the link, make a copy, and fill it out for your personal use. If it breaks, no sweat! Come back and grab a fresh copy and you'll be good to go.

Our builds are meant for flying a wide range of Elite content, including missions and TFOs, and punch above their price tag if flown well. Each build comes with a detailed write-up behind its design decisions and analysis using the linked tools as well as commentary on piloting and control. If you have a question, please see our FAQ.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully you find something that helps you to STO BETTER

- Eph289, Jayiie, and Tilor

Space Builds

Alternately, this detailed table contains links to all of our space builds including the specific build flavor (like Phaser) or DPS. You can filter and sort by various types to find what you're looking for. All have been flown successfully on Elite difficulty.

 We evaluate our builds in a variety of ways. This table reflects scores on the Infected: Space Elite map for the following performance metrics:

You can find more detailed performance metrics on the individual build pages, including on other maps.

Ground Builds

You can also find the ground builds that we've tested and evaluated here. This site was principally founded to focus on space PvE and we're primarily shipbuilders, not groundpounders, but there's merit in having good ground setups and it didn't take us long to become rather good at it. We came up with some different terms to classify ground builds because there weren't any thus far and we needed a way to distinguish them. Check out our Ground Builds page for more details.