Builds By Tilor

BCF Bismarck - Leg. Excelsior

With the launch of Advanced Engineering consoles, the Legendary Excelsior finally has a solid footing. This is an all-expenses-paid Energy build on my favorite ship class in the game.

USS Cobaltforge - Ft. Excelsior


My dedicated Kinetic/DPS Character has had a Tzen-tar build in the past, but I discovered that I can closely replicate the build on the Fleet Excelsior. Oft considered the "worst" T6 in the game, but also is one of my favorite ship types. With more than 600k DPS, this is close to my highest DPS build.

Bwinomer - Iktomi


I have all of the ships in the Tholian lineup, this is just the most effective at damage output. The focus is Universal Consoles, especially the Tholian Web Cannon and Webspinner. Just ask anyone, I love using that web cannon! This is not a budget build, and has been slowly collected over almost 10 years. 

Ircen Hydra - Jorogumo

Energy Support

Continuing the Tholian lineup, this is my most effective energy-based Support. The focus is on general buff/debuff, though chooses a few energy-specific options where necessary. 

Obsidian Beacon - Tarantula

Kinetic/Exotic Support

Last in the Tholian lineup, this is my favorite ship. While it used to be a flagship, it has transitioned to a general buff/debuff support. This chooses a few kinetic-specific options where necessary, which helps both Exotic builds and Projectile builds. 

USS Dragonscale - Lexington


This is my dedicated tank character. This isn't exactly a budget build due to all of the C-Store ships required, but overall it is a rather budget-friendly build. It's quite mainline tank with 90% atksin and consistent 100k DPS or more on ISE. I'm always happy to fly this build to tank for my fleet. 

USS Adamantoise - Ft. Justiciar

Kinetic Off-Tank & Hull-Burn

This is a whacky build

Bring the Rainbow - Tzen-tar


A kinetic build of a different variety, this projectile build focuses on leveraging the Digitizer torpedoes. Sporting a rainbow of projectiles and torpedoes, a gleaming hammer of devastation that is great in any team. This build sacrifices survivability for raw damage output, doing over 800k in an ISE. 

USS Devastator - Hydra


My dedicated Directed Energy Weapons Character flies a Hydra, and I wanted to make it unique. If you want record-breaking DPS, go check out Jay's Hydra. If you don't want record-breaking budget, check out my Hydra. Now, there is one Legendary in there but mostly as a platform to illustrate a really complicated trait. Regardless, this ship flies different than anything else you've seen so check it out!

USS Olimar - Fleet Akira


A mix of support, energy, and hangar buffs, this ship is a fleet in a box. This ship can single-handedly fill a map and is great at defending locations. Feel the Weight of our Presence never had a better application. 

USS Cauterize - Fleet Olympic


A wildly fun ship to fly, and a rather unusual build itself, this build is dedicated to getting maximum damage out of the Dragonsblood console and incinerating everything within is blast zone. 

Quiver of Arrows - Ghemor


A full size carrier that can really fill the skies with damaging pets!

USS Opiso - Fleet Cyclone


This is a really fun and budget-friendly build, one of our Economy line for CSV, you won't be disappointed flying this!

RRW Maelstrom - T5 T'Varo

Starter Projectiles

A very capable T5 T'Varo Refit that takes no C-Store ships, zen, lockbox ships, and a very modest ~10M EC to build out great balls of destruction!

Alpha Zergling - Kiwavi

Support Tank

The Kiwavi makes a really solid tanking platform and support platform. With a splash of theme of Hull Regeneration, this is one of our best support tanks.