Star Trek Online is a complex game with many different aspects. We've covered the basics already but there there are some topics that deserve more in-depth guides and explorations to answer deeper questions, whether that's ...

If those are topics that interest you, then check out the resources linked above! Below we've also listed out the most crucial explorations off-site that have contributed to our collective knowledge of mechanics and in-game systems.

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Revisiting Exotics

This ongoing series dives deep into the mathematical underpinnings of exotic particle generator (EPG)-focused builds. If you're into space wizardry and want to really know how it all works, this is THE definitive series on exotic mechanics. 

Initial Post in the series; introduces the series and derives equations for secondary deflectors

Finesses Jay's early work to bring to modern calculation standards, and serves as an resurrection of the topic

Corrections to Equations in #2

Temporal, Anomalies, and Everything Else

Release of the New Exotic Calculator, since replaced by TRINITY, and temporal formula derivation

Javascript Exotic Calculator by Tilor, since replaced by TRINITY

Corrections to Equations in #4/5, fixing some weird aux power things

Spore Infused Anomalies vs Electrified Anomalies, as well as VCIS, DOC, Boimler DOff, and Torpedoes

Revolutionary Set and Captain Careers with EPG sources

Isolytic Tears

Fek'ihri Torment Engine, and some of the 5 Magicks before it was the 5 Magicks (Fire, Radiation, Physical, and sometimes Plasma)

Tholian Webspinner (since outdated, see #), By The Book Starship Trait, and some other Misc findings

Ultra High Yield Tricobolts, Unstabl Rifts, and blending the calculators (EPG + Projectile)

Genesis Seed and Directed Dilithium Resonance Destabilizer

Charged Particle Burst and Gravity Well Ranges

Intel and Pilot Powers

Micro Dark matter Anomaly Console Evaluations, Tholian Webspinner and Neutronic Eddy Generator Changes

Entangled Quantum Bombardment, Cascading Subatomic Disruptions, and Ionized Deflector

Pilot Power Rework

Digital Compilation

Tholian Crystal Harmonics event Set and Chronogami Console

5 Magicks, Dragonsblood Flame Reactor, Tholian Webspinner again and Exotic Particle Amplifiers

Survivor: Console Edition. Deathmatch in TRINITY and build impact

Unstable Planetoid Detonation, Experimental Power Redirection, Bio-Electrical Wave, Pahvan Proton Superweaponry, Aakar's Vengence, 

Torpedo Effects and Damage

The T.E.D. Talks cover in-depth derivation and analysis of base damage and reload times along with secondary effects for a variety of torpedoes and their related enhancements.

Photons and Quantums

Plasma, Transphasic, Chroniton, and Tricobolt

Energy Torpedoes and Final Ratings


Tricobalt Tear A New One Generator

The Eagle has Digitized


These pieces dive into specific claims or rumors raised in the community and provide definite answers to them using mathematical and empirical analysis.

Validating the Advanced Isolytic Dual Beam Bank

Heavy Dual Beam Banks, Haste, and Firing Modes

Advanced Engineering IPDM consoles

External Massive Munition Hardpoints Has a Dead Stat

Giving Your All

Battery Mechanics

Control/Debuff Stacking Revisited

Control/Debuff Stacking Revisited

(Energy) Weapon Analysis

This collection of posts covers a wide variety of topics related to energy weapon builds.

Other Mechanics