Tactical Hybrid

Teryh Vo'Retyll

Build Overview and Focus

As we all do once when playing any free-form star trek game, Teryh was the implementation "mirror"-esque character. Her builds both ground and space are geared under the do more damage ideology, and while she has vacated from her initial idea of being a mirror character, she has definitely earned herself a spot on the damage roster for both ground and space.

In this current iteration, Teryh's ground build is a hybrid, but unlike EPH's main character's build this focuses more on the bright, big, and bold. In a sense this is a hybrid build as it combos summonables with kit modules as well as dealing large amounts of weapon damage through a couple synergistic effects. While I hardly consider myself a ground build aficionado Teryh has managed to win her way into the (at the time of writing) top 50 ground parses in BHE.

Character Info and Thematic Choices

I often opt not to make thematic choices, and so very rarely have cause to issue them. Ground offers the greatest build flexibility and is the best way for people to add themes to their character. If pushed, I would say I make a single thematic choice and thats the Ba'ul ground weapon entirely because I think it looks cool (it also happens to work very well with a personal trait)

Meta Analysis

Budget Analysis


Change History

Build Breakdown

Grouping 'magecraft' items into fabrication for the purpose of this breakdown, split on which kits are direct damage abilities and which are weapon boosting ones.


Skill Unlocks


I think this a pretty straight forward all in top left / bottom right, however I do differ from that slightly. I do take Improved Endurance because even on ground dead dps is no dps, and often being able to sponge large hits is the difference between death and not, whereas the last two offensive nodes in armor pen amount to -10 target DRR for your attacks. 

On this build where most of my damage is from kits, this is not a worthwhile trade, in my opinion.


Personal Equipment


Active kit modules are fun. However, with this needing 3000 lolnuts Lohlunat Favors, these aren't year round items you can pick up. As such:

Risian kits are the meta since it has the ability to have KPerfx3, as well as has two effects:

Additionally, There is a good argument that the armor I'm using here is outdated, but this is very simple solution that everyone should have access too.

Kit Modules


Once again, replacements for the Summer event kits: 

Set Bonuses


Do I look like someone who walks places?

erhm...I still believe I have no idea what I'm doing on ground and am a rather poor authority on these things, so I'm ill advised to speak to the meta changes that could be made here but I think this is a very solid build. The Ba'ul personal weapon is probably underpowered compared to something like the Shaxx Cannon, which would likely free up another personal trait but this is fun and the weapon looks cool.


Personal Traits

Andorians also receive a ground racial trait:

Effect 1: This is a pseudo go down fighting for the ground, and grants damage as your health scales down. I would wager its close in magnitude to the space version, but I have no solid evidence for that.

Effect 2: Simple stats, exploit damage is very handy when using an exploit focused gun like most meta weapons should be, and some flank resistance and perception are nice things to pad stats. 

Reputation Traits

Active Reputation

Duty Officers


Ground Stats

Parse Breakdown