Builds By Eph289

Welcome to my builds page! I have a wide variety of ships and build types to peruse that are all Elite-capable and well-vetted in their respective roles. You won't find pure meta builds here, as those are even more expensive and heavily-specialized for specific teams and maps. I have my own set of build guidelines that I personally follow instead:

1) Each build should be independently capable on a variety of Elite maps. There's more than the parsing ones so include survivability and utility alongside DPS

2) Pick ships you want to fly and build to their strengths

3) Do your own math, bring the receipts

4) Use a mixture of energy weapons and torpedoes. This is a concession to immersion and is probably not optimal on all ships, but also not a major impact

5) Keep the cost reasonable 

a) no more than 3 Promo or Lockbox purchases

b) no more than 500 Lobi worth of items

c) Under 1000 EZRA (estimated zen replication amount) for the overall build

My first T6 build, it remains a relatively affordable sturdy DPS platform that can tank on Advanced while using canon-friendly weapons for Elite-caliber damage.

Leaning heavier on cannon damage, this sleek escort focuses extensively on AOE energy weapon damage through Scatter Volley and Pilot abilities

Leaning heavier on cannon damage, this sleek destroyer nevertheless gains powerful damage amplification from science abilities like Gravity Well and Recursive Shearing

A heavy tank that can draw fire for the entire team even on the most punishing TFOs. Featuring plasma beams and Temporal Operative abilities.

Leaning heavier on its exotic-amplified torpedoes and hangar, this massive intel science ship remains capable of inflicting over half a million DPS.

A new take on a classic design, featuring two hangar bays of fighters, Superior Area Denial, and a whole lot of cannons for maximum pew-pew.

An agile Jem'Hadar Attack Craft leveraging the latest updates to Pilot abilities, including Reroute Reserves to Weapons, to devastating effect.

The premier science ship in my fleet, this agile scout wields maximum science and anomalies to devastating effect

On the cutting edge of the torpedo meta comes a unique Pilot-based torpedo boat taking full advantage of its Covert Warhead Module to push the DPS ceiling ever higher. This ship was the first STOBETTER build to crack 1M DPS

While most popular torpboats mix their types of weapons, this ship uses quantum torpedoes and mines to considerable effect.

This ship mixes science and phaser cannons in an almost even split of damage.

This ship combines pilot abilities and PBAOE effects with solid exotic fundamentals for a close-range exotic build 

An experiment on the merits of Exceed Rated Limits, this ship mixes three wildly different firing modes in an unorthodox yet effective blend

This ship showcases the evolution of a beam build into the first few C-store purchases and Mk XV gear from a F2P build, with the according growth in DPS potential unlocked at greater investment. That ship is quite capable on any difficulty level in the game. 

A premier updating of the Arbiter build, this sturdy battlecruiser serves as a survivable DPS platform using Fire at Will for area defense

A support build geared towards assisting energy builds achieve new records while still providing Elite-capable DPS.

If you like weapons of mass destruction and questionable legality, including tricobalt torpedoes, subspace weapons, bio-molecular warheads, drone swarms, and neutronic radiation on the Scimitar platform, this is the ship for you. It serves as a midrange entrant into the kinetic build space, providing top-tier DPS with moderate investment. 

A third build on this platform using Surgical Strikes with the unorthodox choice of plasma weapons for very high DPS.

This build started as a joke but then did surprisingly well even before upgrades.  For this popular ship, virtually all conventional wisdom on how to optimally build it, or how to optimally make a projectile build in general is discarded in favor of making a dedicated minelayer.

This relatively affordable exotic build outpunches its price tag to deliver Elite-capable DPS using transferrable build concepts and exotic staples

A debuff-oriented and supportive tank that can still withstand tremendous punishment thanks to Suppression Barrage.

Tetryon Dual Beam Banks combined with other shield-weakening mechanics and Beam Overload for a very high single-target DPS for a Ferengi captain flying the premier Ferengi ship.

A basic build for beginning or pure F2P players on a barebones budget, this ship shows that you don't need to pay out to cash in. It's survivable and effective up through Advanced difficulty while skirting the edges of Elite-capable damage.

This tank leans considerably into debuff and supportive capability for teamwide amplification that can still withstand tremendous punishment thanks to Suppression Barrage.

This hybrid build combines concepts from both kinetic torpedo builds and exotic builds in a sleek, deadly package on the Trailblazer, leaning into the best of both worlds. 

A self-sufficient support build geared towards supporting projectile or exotic builds while maintaining Elite-capable DPS

This massive warship built from specifications from an alternate timeline shows that Temporal Operative and Command seating can be just as valuable for a single-target energy build as the more prominent Miracle Worker, Pilot, and Intel seating.