U.S.S. Faraday

Edison (Fleet Hoover) Temporal Warship

Build Overview and Focus

Last Updated February 2024

The goal of this build was to combine Recursive Shearing and Cannon: Rapid Fire whereas previously I had been using it with Scatter Volley on a Theseus. I separated the two builds, moving the Scatter Volley Antiproton Escort aspect to a Chimesh and taking the Cannons+Recursive Shearing concept over to the Edison to pick up an additional fore weapon. I chose Polaron since it would allow me to take advantage of the Polaron weapons from the Lukari Reputation and the powerful Technical Overload proc. Additionally, I chose a Temporal ship to pair the powerful single-target damage of Rapid Fire with Recursive Shearing. 

Platform selection

The Edison was thus an obvious choice for its mastery package, Commander Temporal seating, and five fore weapons. 

Flavor/Theme Choices


Michael Faraday was a brilliant British scientist famous for his contributions to the fields of electricity and magnetism. Faraday discovered that magnetism affected light, relating the two phenomena into what would eventually be known as electromagnetism. The discovery and the relationship between a moving magnetic field produced an electric field became known as Faraday's law. Faraday was also a chemist who made groundbreaking discoveries in that field as well, including popularizing terms like electrode and ion. Beyond his work in the sciences, Faraday was also a concerned public citizen and contributed his service to projects such as reducing hazards due to coal dust explosions in mines, lighthouses, and industrial pollution in London. 

Meta Analysis

Budget Analysis

Using the EZRA rubric, this build would cost 669 USD to replicate. That is far more than what I spent on STO to make it. If the cost looks daunting, don't worry! Lower-budget alternatives are provided below.

Change History

Build Breakdown

This ship is fast and focuses heavily on energy damage. It splashes into a few other spaces but for the most part, it's designed to blast down a single target very efficiently. 


Skill Unlocks


Intel/Strategist is the best-in-slot choice for non-tank Energy builds. Intel provides substantial damage through flanking and Intel Fleet. Strategist likewise adds damage through Logistical Support, Maneuver Warfare, and Show of Force, as well as some damage reduction through Layered Defenses. Temporal Operative would be another viable choice for primary. 


Starship Weapons


This ship’s primary role is Energy DPS. Its primary weapon systems are Polaron Cannons of various flavors. I went for a variety of cannon subtypes purely for visuals. I love seeing the different cannon shots of various shapes, frequencies, and sizes. That’s why there’s a Chronometric and Vaadwaur cannon in there. The build would function just as well if not better with regular Polaron for all the slots. Energy type doesn’t matter (much), but Polaron is better suited for Rapid Fire due to the Technical Overload effect from the Lukari reputation weapons.

Mods: Recent investigations on this particular ship using the energy weapon calculator showed that taking [CrtD] mods wherever possible was a net win. This is not universally true.

Torpedoes: I wanted a torpedo for immersion purposes. Two, the right torpedo, when used with Super Charged Weapons, is NOT a DPS loss compared to beam arrays. The Morphogenic torpedo provides a fantastic 3-piece bonus in addition to fueling Super Charged Weapons. 

Starship Equipment


This ship is sufficiently nimble that the Prevailing Regalia engines are not worth it. This ship does somewhat lack other defensive tools, so the Stamets-Tilly 2-piece could have been an option over the Fleet Core. I chose to go for max offensive stats from deflector, engine, and warp core. 

Starship Consoles


Set Bonuses


Alternate Energy types: 

Obviously all weapons would need to be replaced. Don't run Morphogenic on non-Polaron energy builds. Piezo-Electric Focuser is the only console to replace. Keep D.O.M.I.N.O. and replace the fleet consoles with the appropriate flavor.

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

Budget Tweaks:

Bridge Officers

Recursive Shearing III vs CSV III


Personal Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

If you want to go full glass-cannon with unlimited budget:

Budget Tweaks:

If low budget, (try and keep the ones at the bottom) 

Starship Traits

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

These are pretty well the best traits at this price point. If your budget is unlimited

Budget Tweaks:

If low budget, (try and keep the ones at the bottom) 

This build basically won't work without Emergency Weapon Cycle but if you really can't swing it, try Arrest from the Constable specialization to help fill cooldowns as presumably you won't have Boimler Effect either.


Improved Critical Systems was superior to Promise of Ferocity or Piercing Projectiles, but it was very close. If you don't have ICS, consider one of those at the C-store level. Go For the Kill is pretty important to Cannon: Rapid Fire builds but I understand it's obnoxiously expensive to acquire.

Reputation Traits

Active Reputation

Duty Officers

Meta-Focused Tweaks:

If you're truly space-rich

Budget Tweaks:

 If low budget



This ship manages cooldowns via Photonic Officer I and The Boimler Effect. Previously I was using Photonic Officer II, the Chrono-Capacitor Array reputation trait, and a Krenim boff to help with the tactical chain cooldowns, but the Boimler Effect allows me to drop the reputation trait and downgrade Photonic Officer. Note that with a good Photonic Officer timing and Calm Before the Storm, as shown here, I barely need the Boimler Effect, but those aren't always on good timing cycles so it's mostly to fill gaps. The tool only somewhat models taht trait. Previously, the use of Entwined Tactical Matrices on a 20 second rotation between Scatter Volley and Torpedo Spread made reducing the tactical chain down to 15 seconds less important, but with Withering Barrage, having the more powerful (if unreliable) Boimler Effect was beneficial. That said, I do not recommend slotting the Boimler Effect as your only CDR source. 

Link to CDR sheet for this build

Ship Stats


Keybinds are essential to how I fly this ship. I keep this one pretty straightforward, just a single spambar. 

Everything else is activated manually.


I do some prebuffing on ISE aside from Kobayashi Maru and Emergency Power to Weapons. You'll want to prestack the Morpho set somewhat, but stop at 0:15 prior to start to avoid being in Combat. I activate [spacebar] as I fly in. For Emergency power prebuff, I want to use Power to Weapons at 20 seconds before countdown and Power to Engines at 5 seconds before so my Evasive Maneuvers resets properly. I use my big buffs and keep spacebar cycling at the big group. Recursive Shearing should be used on the Tactical Cube on Elite. On ISA, I’d save the big buffs until the left generator. Next, I hit Evasive Maneuvers and fly to the left side, activating my big buffs on and keeping the tactical chain going. Target the generator with Sensor Scan and Recursive Shearing and position to hit the smaller transformers as well. 

As the generator is about to die, turn and engage the ball of Nanite Spheres, aiming to use Refracting Tetryon Cascade and Diversionary Tactics. I will often use a Reinforcements cooldown here as well if I could not activate Fleet Support earlier. Activate Evasive Maneuvers and fly to the right side, rinse and repeat with as with the left. I try to save my big active heals for this part. As it's dying, I turn back on the gateway and FIRE EVERYTHING!

I try to stay so that my cannons can hit the gateway and any nearby spheres. Priority targets for Recursive Shearing are initial Tac Cube (ISE only), left generator, right generator, gateway, Tac Cube. Since I am using Intelligence as primary specialization, I want to look for flanking angles on the big targets. These are indicated by a little arrow on the targeted enemy's health graphic. When the arrow points DOWN, you're flanking.

Parse Breakdown

Numbers from record ISE

Crits were extremely high in this run, approximately 70% with flanking around of 40%, which was a significant contributor. While it's hard to say how much damage gain was created by running Vincent Kish, there was a significant amount of DPS from Rapid Fire IIIs and Overload IIs, a total of 158.7K DPS. The team composition for this run was a support tank, 2 supoprts, and another player flying CSV as secondary DPS.


The core of this build is fairly flexible and could apply to a number of ships. The Ouroboros Temporal Raider could run this setup, but loses out on a bridge officer seat. The Legendary Columbia could run this build seamlessly. Jumping up in price, the Xindi-Reptilian Sistruus Escort would be another option, taking Recursive Shearing at rank I, while the Klein Temporal Destroyer and its cross-faction equivalents would require dropping a Tactical power, likely Distributed Targeting, downgrading Torpedo Spread, and picking up another Engineering power like Let It Go. Lastly, the Mirror Strike Wing Escort would also be a viable platform for this build, trading Recursive Shearing down to rank I and taking Rapid Fire at rank III.